eBook Publishing Information

This page is designed to answer the most common questions regarding eBook publishing.

Conversion and Distribution Pricing

  • Standard conversion from a Word Document to all ebook file types (ePub, Kindle, .pdf, RTF), 51  to 174 pages is $49.
  • Standard conversion from a Word Document to all ebook file types, 175 pages to 500 pages is $99.
  • Standard conversion from a Word Document to all ebook files, 1-50 pages is $29.
  • Standard conversions include basic cover (stock photo, title, author name)
  • Premium Covert Art (this is in addition to the conversion pricing above) is $99. This is a specially designed graphic for your company or book.  *highly recommended*   Your cover is your main selling tool!

Amazon Kindle Distribution

To understand how to price your ebook on Amazon, and how you’ll be paid, please read here:

Getting Paid

 Smashwords Distribution

To understand Smashwords and their distribution process and pricing, please read here:

Getting Started on Smashwords

*Don’t be overwhelmed with the Smashwords site! I do all of this for you as part of my service.


I work with a very gifted graphic designer for my ebook covers. If you choose to have a Premium Cover for your ebook, you will work directly with her in the project to facilitate an accurate and easy working experience.

How to utilize Affiliates

You can use affiliates to help promote and sell your ebooks via Amazon, Smashwords, and your own personal affiliate program. I offer this service! Book a time to talk to me to see how I can help you with Affiliate Building!

Yes, I want to know more about Affiliate Building!

Book Marketing and Author Support

If you would like to know how I can assist you in the marketing of your book, including book launches and author support, let’s talk!

Yes, I want to know more about marketing my book!

Referral Program

If you’re happy with our relationship, there is a benefit to your sharing your experience with others. You can utilize my referral program to save money on your next project! Refer a new client to me, and get a cash back bonus!